No Way Up

Was sitting in my living room and heard a tiny cry of frustration coming from the bedroom. Went in to check on my daughter who was still asleep. I was thinking she made the sound, even though it didn’t sound like her voice.But as I’m standing there near the bed, it came again from the … Continue reading No Way Up

New Hope

It’s been incredibly hard for me after my mom passed away. She was such a positive, fun person, who loved me unconditionally all my life. She was the only one who had my back for over 40 years (and I had hers!). I didn’t even have a loyal friend besides her until 2017/18.My main struggle … Continue reading New Hope

The Warrior Woman

Today, I decided that I would start sharing some of the amazing past life stories from the past life healing sessions I do for clients. These stories—will of course-never include a name-in order to protect privacy. I hope you enjoy the newest one. 🌸😁💖 “Our enemies are attacking our village. They have come in with … Continue reading The Warrior Woman

The Green Light

👽 🚀 🌏☄️So, remember how our archangel guides placed a special blessing that helped my daughter and I be easily located by a whole bunch of ascended planets -for any ET healers to help us?Well, this has been fun! Each night, maybe about an hour before bed, I start feeling my energy being worked on … Continue reading The Green Light