Blessed Pendulums!

These pendulums are created and blessed by author and energy healer, Samantha Red Wolf.Samantha is a high vibrational energy healer, intuitive and energetic craftsman. She has written two books on the spirit world, and is the creator of The Keys to Freedom Energy Clearing System. Samantha infuses each pendulum with the following: 💫Archangel White Flame … Continue reading Blessed Pendulums!

The Gnome

We may not see many ghosts on our property anymore, but the fae keep on coming! 🧚🏻‍♀️🍄Last night my daughter and I were watching a movie, when Kiani starts talking in a song song voice.🎶 “There is a gnome sitting on top of the lamp.”“For real?”“Yep! I saw him reflected in the tv screen first. … Continue reading The Gnome