Ghosts like Bacon PART 12: The House of Light

4 thoughts on “Ghosts like Bacon PART 12: The House of Light”

  1. You may have worked this out already but have you ever considered your son is the light already. I think some are like a beacon to the other world the same light you have learnt to create and is at the funeral home surrounds your son. It’s why negative spirits don’t like him, and he is probably considered very grounded. Do babies, the sick and older people stare at and are attracted to him? It’s quite a passive talent but if he is what I think he is he can probably learn to actively pass over negatives and clear spaces just by learning to control and expand his natural aura. It would be like he carries a little bit of the other side with him which both attracts and protects him from those who have passed.


  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog. Your son sounds like a rainbow child. My son also has a bright light around him and isn’t afraid of anything it’s like he just sends it love. He’s just pure joy and love.

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