Ghosts like Bacon PART 6: How to Protect Your Family and Home from Negative Spirits.

7 thoughts on “Ghosts like Bacon PART 6: How to Protect Your Family and Home from Negative Spirits.”

  1. thank you so kindly its adding the good to what ive been doing now i have even more to utilize so very helpful. may I share this? love & light 💛💛💛

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  2. Thank you for the information. I’m always trying to find information to help my 7 y.o. daughter. She has been dizzy for a few months, now and I am feeling helpless. I will try to get the items you suggested. I think she is an empath and something is sucking her energy dry. We pray at night, meditate by listening to the Archangel Michael psychic protection video every night, bought Selenite, Amethyst, Salt lamp, but have not saged the house, yet. My mom lives with us and am waiting for her to move out before I sage the place.

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    1. Hi Gina! 😊 Man, do I know the sucking dry feeling. I suffered most of my life with that, mostly in the form of terrible nightmares and night terrors. The first thing that helped the most was the periwinkle amulet. It took away the night terror and 90% of my nightmares. Then when I added the herb mixture and the rest, I started sleeping like I did when I was very young. It was amazing. Once in a while I will have a nightmare but I believe these ones come from stress in my life and not from an outside source or negative spirit.
      Feel free to contact me if you need any further help. 😊❤️ Light and love, Sam


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