The southern lady

My sweet 83 year old mother passed away March 8th after a battle with a rare skin disease. It’s been very sad around here but I’ve been able to talk to her a few times in spirit land, so that’s been a comfort. Spirit has been so good to me, sending me signs and gifts. … Continue reading The southern lady

A Sleeping Child

Well, so much for an uneventful week. This morning, on my break, I was lead to watch a series called “Wolf Hall”-about Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power during the time of Henry VIII.There was a scene where Thomas’ little daughters pass away from the “sweating sickness”. I was thinking how sad that must have been … Continue reading A Sleeping Child

Ghosts like Bacon PART 1: Beyond the Veil

Need immediate advice on how to protect your home from negative energy and spirits? Click here: 👻🥓❤️ There aren’t many people who understand what my daughter and I go through daily. Some might think we’re a little crazy – a couple French fries short of a happy meal. But I can assure you, if … Continue reading Ghosts like Bacon PART 1: Beyond the Veil