What are Dark Spirits?

WARNING: Personal beliefs are SACRED and should always be respected. If you have been taught about dark spirits from religious teachings, and this information resonates with you, please skip reading this post. Remember that you are loved and your life path is sacred. Always follow what your heart tells you. I grew up Christian, as … Continue reading What are Dark Spirits?

A Sleeping Child

Well, so much for an uneventful week. This morning, on my break, I was lead to watch a series called “Wolf Hall”-about Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power during the time of Henry VIII.There was a scene where Thomas’ little daughters pass away from the “sweating sickness”. I was thinking how sad that must have been … Continue reading A Sleeping Child

Ghosts like Bacon PART 1: Beyond the Veil

Need immediate advice on how to protect your home from negative energy and spirits? Click here: https://ghostslikebacon.com/2017/11/07/part-6-protecting-your-child-home/ 👻🥓❤️ There aren’t many people who understand what my daughter and I go through daily. Some might think we’re a little crazy – a couple French fries short of a happy meal. But I can assure you, if … Continue reading Ghosts like Bacon PART 1: Beyond the Veil