The southern lady

My sweet 83 year old mother passed away March 8th after a battle with a rare skin disease. It’s been very sad around here but I’ve been able to talk to her a few times in spirit land, so that’s been a comfort. Spirit has been so good to me, sending me signs and gifts. … Continue reading The southern lady

What are life paths?

Understanding how “life paths” work has brought me such peace in my life. 🙏🏼🕊What are life paths (also known as your souls life plan)? They are a general plan for your life, carefully designed by your soul before incarnationing. Archangels tell me that life paths are considered extremely sacred. They are the whole reason you … Continue reading What are life paths?

The Source

I am feeling inspired to share something I learned a year or so back. If you have strongly-held religious beliefs on how the universe was formed, please disregard this post. It is not for you. ♥️🙏🏻💜 A client of mine asked me this morning-how she can get over feeling like she has no right to … Continue reading The Source